The Beginning

Over 30 years ago we got our start in the racing industry!

SignArt Graphix

Since 1976 SignArt has been responsible for providing thousands of racers with their custom look no matter what track they were racing on. From our early days of hand painting NASCAR vehicles, to the high tech vehicle wraps we do today, our heart has always been in the Racing Industry! The main reason for this is that when our team isn't designing the graphics you see out on the track, we're out on the track ourselves! This has always given us an inside edge on the designs we create, and a big part of our success for the past 30 years! If you would like to know more about SignArt feel free to visit our webpage here.

The Present Is A Gift

And we decided to deliver to the MX Community we love so much!

MX Graphic Kits

Over the past 5 plus years, SignArt has been perfecting the art of the vehicle wrap and has even received national publication for some of their high profile jobs. As the print technology expanded, and the material options grew, SignArt continued to keep their feet heavily planted in the racing industries around Southern California. Offering up vehicle wraps to local race teams and the diehard desert warriors needing that one of a kind look for their vehicles.

After years of client requests for custom graphic kits we finally gave in and did a couple test runs on our own bikes. Although we saw room for improvement, people liked what they saw! We did a few more tests and finally came up with a combination of materials and print that we loved and felt confident to deliver to our clients. We created a wide range of custom graphic kits for our sponsors, race partners, and clients, and decided it was time to get our designs out to the public. So there you have, a brief history of how MX Graphic Kits came to be, and why we love what we do. Any more questions, feel free to browse the site, and contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to delivering the MX Graphic Kit of your dreams!