Jordan Eubanks

Notable Results

  • Cahuilla winter GP 1st place vet INT 2009
  • King of Klubs drag race 1st place bike
  • Tecate Hare Scrambles Ironman finisher
  • Vet X: podiums Vet pro and 250 INT
  • MTA world 2 stroke 1st open INT 2010
  • MTA world 2 stroke 3rd 250cc INT
  • 12hrs of Glen Helen 7th place Sportsman
  • AMA Western Hare scrambles Open B 1st OA 2009
  • AMA Western Hare scrambles 2nd OA B class 2008

Notable Results

  • 2014 AMA west HS 3rd place Vet A, Arizona
  • 2014 AMA west HS 3rd place vet A, Anza CA
  • 2013 GXE HS 1st Place vet, Anza CA
  • 2013 24hrs Of glen helen 1st place Vet 10th OA
  • Big 6 GP 4th Vet expert 2012 Taft CA
  • Day In The Dirt 2011 1st place 25+
  • Day In the Dirt 2011 Ironman finisher
  • Mammoth Mountain Motocross 2011 10th place 25+
  • Catalina GP 2010 6th Place 250cc
  • Cahuilla Winter GP 1st place Vet INT 2010

Jordan Eubanks Bio

Jordan Eubanks began racing motocross at a young age although "not any good at it" and decided to hang up the mx boots at 17 years old to fully pursue Downhill MTB racing. The MTB racing fit his style a bit better and he found himself on the podium many times in the JR expert and Open expert categories before "getting a job" and finding girls... and booze. Then fallowed a few less than memorable years until he was able to barrow his sisters 125 for a moto day and instantly re-lit the fire. For the past 6 years he has been racing off-road and occasional motocross races all over the California and Baja.

Jordan founded the Riders Union International Motorcycle Services in 2005. This organization was responsible for locating and delivering over 2000 motorcycles to needy riders in China and other countries where affordable used motorcycles were difficult to come by. RIders Union also sponsored dozens of local ride days which allowed Barona Oaks Mx to be open to local riders on days they would typically be closed. Riders Union flourished for a couple years and allowed Jordan to Ride motorcycles in four different countries during its short duration. Though this organization has been in hiatus for the past couple years, grumbling in the pits is that there may be a comeback in the works.
Jordan can be found enjoying a post moto brew at many of so cals local tracks and trails.