Eric Chase

Notable Results

  • Baja 2000 Competitor
  • Multiple Baja 1000/500/250 Finisher
  • 2007 SCORE Rookie of the Year
  • 2012 Day In The Dirt Stunt GP Wwinner.

Eric Chase Bio


I was born in Burbank California. From the begging my Family was very active in the off road world and we spent most of our weekends in the deserts of California, Arizona, Nevada and Baja. I was just a small child when my family went on a camping trip to San Felipe. While riding my Honda 110 ATC in the dunes on the Sea of Cortez I became disorientated and got lost. My ATC ran out of gas and I began walking for several days. With no food or water I was nearing the end when I was suddenly surrounded by a pack of wild Chupacabras. The Chupacabras nursed me back to health and raised me as part of their own family, showing me the magical ways of Baja.